Our patient department

Our private clinic for sleep medicine

Do you suffer from insomnia and want our advice or a second opinion on your problem?

If yes, your stop at our private clinic for sleep medicine is just the right option. The following short questionnaire deals with some diagnostic and therapeutic questions regarding your complaints  and problems. 

  • Do you sleep poorly or normal throughout the whole night?
  • Do you take sleeping pills on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel very unrested in the morning?
  • Do you snore frequently?
  • Does your child suffer from ADHD and his/her sleep has never been examined?
  • Do you suffer from restless arms or legs syndrome?
  • Do you feel tired and throughout the day?
  • Do you wake up every morning with headaches of some kind of pressure?
  • Has your partner observed any breathing failures during the night?
  • Did your doctor diagnose a sleep disorder and do you want further clarification?
  • Do you travel a lot across time zones and have sleep-wake rhythm problems?
  • Do you wake up from nightmares?
  • Is your work shift too hard to handle?
  • Do you suffer from burnout and your sleep has never been checked for burnout deteriorating influences?
  • Do you oft wake up with palpitations?
  • Do you suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

If these questions apply to your problem, we would be glad to arrange an appoinment with you.